Paytm Apk v8.2.3 for Android (Latest 2019)

Paytm Apk

Paytm is a multi-functional platform that has revolutionized the concept of money transactions and banking system in India. Because, it is the only company in the country who has initiated and boost the concept of Digital banking as well as digital currency.

Furthermore, to assist its valuable customers they have also launched “Paytm” application. This fully functional and authorized Application is available for Android, iPhones, Windows phones and other smartphones or tablets.

It is a very famous banking platform in India having almost hundreds of millions users or customers across the country. Furthermore, it is highly profitable and earning billions of dollars annually.

Actually, this company is not charging its customers on their transactions or payments for generating its revenue. But it has various other sources through which it is generating its revenue about which I will discuss in next paragraphs in details.

But today’s topic is about Paytm’s Android application that has been launched to provide all their services via mobile phones to its customers.

For those Android users who have Indian nationality can earn some money via Paytm Apk by joining it as a KYC or BCA.

KYC: means Know-Your-Customer-Norms. You can be a Paytm user without being KYC user who is known as a Non KYC user. In simple words if you are a registered user of Paytm then it does not means that you are also a KYC or BC agent.

Because you have to get registered separately for applying to KYC or BCA. If you want to get registered for that I will guide you in next paragraphs that how you can become KYC user or BC agent.

BCA or BC Agent: both KYC and BCA are almost equal and they can be considered as the face of Paytm who promotes the services of the company. Further, BC is an agent who can earn commission don withdrawal/deposit on any account.

More about Paytm

It is an economic giant currently in India by providing an E-wallet, E-commerce, recharge and marketplace for the country men. You can call it as virtual bank of India that provides a platform for recharging, payments, money transactions and so on.

In 2010 this company has started its journey as recharge platform by providing an opportunity to small portion of Indians to recharge various kind of thing online. But now it has rapidly converted to a multifunctional company. Thus it is providing its mind blowing services to more than 100 million registered users.

The company is now serving as a marketplace by providing tons of products to sell online. Apart from that it has also initiated a digital gold concept to provide an opportunity to convert your money into gold.

Size44.8 MB
Developer Paytm – One97 Communications Ltd.
Android Required4.1 and up

If you want to avail all the services of this virtual bank then you can download the latest version of Paytm Apk from our website right from this article. As we have provided the download button at the end of this page for our valuable visitors.

There are almost 120 million buyers who are availing from the Paytm Mall that call be called as a marketplace of tons of products. Transactions of the company reaches up to 2 million on daily basis so you can imagine that how much this app is trusted and famous across the country.

How to create Paytm account?

For creating the account you need to download their official Android application (Paytm apk) then follow the following steps.

  1. Launch the app after installing on your phone.
  2. Go to option of ‘Create New Account’.
  3. Enter your Email ID or mobile number and a very strong password.
  4. Then again click on the Create account option.
  5. You will get an OTP or confirmation code so enter that and tap submit option.
  6. Then provide your full name and exact date of birth (do not use fake name).
  7. Then tap on the option of create account.
  8. Now you have the registered user of the company.


You can recharge your mobile phones, TV channels, Data Cards, Metro Cards and some other subscriptions via their App Golden Gate App.

Bill Payments

Apart from recharge you can pay your bills of water, electricity, telephone, mobile phones, gas and many others. For that you will have to download the Paytm new version Apk if you want to pay all those bills from your android phones.

Paytm’s e-Wallet

Paytm’s e-wallet is a kind of digital wallet that is encrypted and has been approved by the Reserve bank of India to store money in the form of digital currency. That is also considered as one of the most secure way to save or store money in India.

Paytm’s Digital Gold

It is also one another best service that company provide to its customers. In this platform customers can store, sell or buy gold through digital system without being extra charged. Furthermore, there is a facility for the users in which they can get gold at their doors.

Paytm’s banking system

You can find a Paytm Payments Bank as very useful service by the company that allows you to deposit you money and send or transfer to any other account. They have separate application for mobile phones called Paytm Ka ATM that allows you to create accounts as well as become their agent.

How to Register on Paytm

The process of registration is very simple as you will need to visit official website of company and use your mobile number or email ID for setting account. Then fill up all the form by providing all the necessary details. Then you will have to add some money to your account that you have created.

How to use Paytm App

  • First sign up with your email id or mobile phone number as I have already told you in above paragraph.
  • Then deposit some amount of money to your e-wallet by selecting the option of “Send money”.
  • Now your account is operational.
  • You can send or transfer money to any user via their mobile numbers.

How Register as KYC in Paytm or How to Do KYC in Paytm?

Follow the steps in order to become KYC users.

  1. Open the official App from your phone.
  2. Then ‘My Profile Settings’
  3. Then complete your KYC by selecting the option of ‘Complete KYC’
  4. Provide the state name and district name that you belongs to.
  5. Then get to the nearest KYC centre with these essential documents including Adhaar Card, PAN card or your Voter ID.
  6. Then they agents on nearest centres will register your further.

How to install or Download Paytm Apk?

It is the official application and you can download and install it on your android smartphones and tablets. In order to do that so you will have to follow these following steps.

  1. Tap on the download button that we have provided below at the end of this page or article to get the latest Apk file of App.
  2. Then enable the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings>security.
  3. Then find the Apk file you have downloaded from our website.
  4. Tap on it and select the ‘Install’ option.
  5. Now wait for few seconds.
  6. You are done now so you can use the app on your phone by launching it.

Basic features App

  • You get the app for and you can use it without any extra charges.
  • You can pay your bills without any charges.
  • Recharge your TV channels’ subscriptions, mobile phone and many others.
  • Pay your gas bills right from your home.
  • Store your money in digital currency which is one of the safest ways to save money.
  • Buy, sell and store your gold.
  • You can earn money via commissions.
  • You get cash back.
  • There are much more interesting services and features that you can avail by downloading the app.

Basic Requirements

You don’t need to get confused because there are no such complex procedures or requirements for having the app on your androids. But I have tried to share some of the basic requirements for the app so it will make it easier for you to use the app conveniently. Those requirements are following.

  • You need to have 4.1 or up version Android OS on your device.
  • Your device must have 1 GB RAM minimum.
  • You must have a stable internet connection to execute or launch the app and perform various kind of operations.

However, there are a lot of alternative to perform such operations but this is the safest firm that provides you fully ensured security to your money.

After reading the article if you have made your mind and you want to pay online bills, recharge and create bank account through Android phones. Then there is nothing better than Paytm Golden Gate Apk so download it right now from our website and save your time, energy and money.


I have tried to address some of the frequently asked questions of the Paytm Apk users below so it will help you to avail the services of Paytm conveniently. Or you can also visit the official site of the bank for further help or details.

Q 1. Is Paytm Apk Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use because it is approved by RBI which is India’s official reserve bank. Further all your details are fully encrypted and only you know the details of your account.

Q 2. What are the Best Alternatives to Paytm App?

Ans. You can find so many alternatives to Paytm such as PayUMoney, Ola Money, Snapdeal and other.

Q 3. How to Cash back With Paytm?

Ans. you can get cash back by using or applying for promo codes, apart from that you can also get cash back on purchasing gift vouchers via Paytm.

Q 4. How to add money in Paytm Wallet?

Ans. it is very simple just go through below steps.

  • Open your Paytm wallet by going into your ‘Passbook’.
  • Then tap on the option of Add money to wallet.
  • Enter your amount that you want to add then again tap on ‘Add Money’.
  • Select the way that you want to use for transaction.
  • Enter you details of account and credit card and then click on the option ‘Pay Securely’.
  • Now you are done and you have successfully added desired amount of money to your account.

Q 5. How to pay through Paytm?

Ans. follow below steps to pay your payments through Paytm.

  • Open your Paytm’s App.
  • Then tap on Pay option.
  • Enter the number if beneficiary that you want to pay money by scanning the QR Code.
  • Enter amount of money that you are going to pay to that beneficiary.
  • Then pay the money by using your Paytm wallet.
  • Now you are done.

Q 6. How to use Paytm in Hindi Language?

Ans.  It is very simple just go to language settings and change the language to Hindi by using the App on Android.

Q 7. How to get help from Paytm

Ans. there are following contact numbers given below just dial any of the following for the help.

  1. For help regarding Bank, Wallet and Payments dial (0120-4456-456).
  2. For help regarding tickets or buying tickets dial (0120-4728-728).
  3. For help regarding online shopping dial (0120-4606060)
  4. For help regarding travel tickets or other assistance dial (0120-4880-880)

Q 8. How to pay electricity bills?

Ans. follow the steps given below.

  1. Launch the official app of Paytm or visit website.
  2. Then provide the state name your living.
  3. Chose you board.
  4. Then provide the consumer number that you have.
  5. Then pay your bill via your credit card or Paytm wallet.

Q 9. How to reset Paytm Password?

Ans. follow the steps given below for changing or for resetting the password.

  1. Go to security option from the app or official website.
  2. Then select the option of change password.
  3. Then provide the password that you are currently using.
  4. Then enter new password that you want to have for your Paytm account and retype that same new password.
  5. Then tap on save.
  6. You are done now.

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