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Andosid apk

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AnDOSid Apk

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AnDOSid Apk is an Android application for DoS attacks from any other mobile phone device. The App was launched as an application and an Android tool for stress testing.

So many Android users across the globe used it for unethical hacking. Due to which it is also famous among the hackers I guess among some of the professional hackers.

AnDOSid Apk is developed for educational purposes and for some other moral hacking purposes. Therefore, currently, AnDOSid Apk considered as one of the best choices of Android hackers.

Millions of Android users have installed the app and they used the app for different purposes.

This App is a very powerful Android hacking tool and application that works very efficiently and it has user-friendly interface and usage.

Furthermore, it can be helpful for taking down the web servers instantly. AnDOSid Apk is absolutely free to download and use and there are no extra charges for the use of its other features.

This is a very light and apk file size is 30KBs that is very little so Android professionals can easily download the apk file from this website within few seconds.

All the professional Android users must be thankful to Scott Herbert for his fantastic application. AnDOSid Apk is strictly limited to professionals and other legal authorities.

Android users must download the app on their own risks so we are not taking any responsibility for misuse of this App by any Android user, therefore, the user must be responsible for any legal issue.


Overall, AnDOSid Apk is the best Android Hacking App and one of the efficient app. Professional Android developers or other IT professionals can download updated AnDOSid Apk for Android from our website.

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